The OIC High-Level Public and Private Investment Conference will be hosted by Turkey on December 08-09, 2019.

Under the theme of “Unleashing Intra-OIC Investment Opportunities: Investment for Solidarity and Development, the upcoming OIC conference is slated to be held in collaboration with the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Investment Office, the General Secretariat of the OIC, and the Islamic Development Bank Group with a view to boosting the volume of intra-OIC investments, eliminating barriers to trade and investment, and ensuring sustainable socio-economic development.

One of the main objectives of the Conference is to get a better assessment of the investment opportunities and implications associated with doing business in the region by involving all key stakeholders and allowing them to make informed decisions about investments and reforms.

Conference invitees are set to include a selection of businesspeople from a range of leading companies in the area of banking, construction, tourism, and commerce sectors operating in the OIC geography, in addition to 56 OIC member states, observers, and international organizations. Furthermore, opinions and suggestions from countries where Muslim business circles are present, e.g. the USA, UK, and Germany, will also be considered.

OIC Investment Conference will represent a key win-win platform between the OIC private and public policymakers to discuss policy recommendations that will enable us to reach a vibrant public and private dialogue. On the sidelines of the conference, thematic panel sessions in which private sector decision-makers and investors are expected to meet among themselves (B2B) and hold meetings with governmental entities (B2G) have been planned. Pending the approval of the OIC Higher Committee, a “Leaders Roundtable Session” with the participation of State/Government Leaders will also take place.